Step into the Housing Crisis

“Stories of home from the have and the have nots”

A 30 minute immersive sound experience exploring personal stories of home and security in the UK housing market.

Step into the House of Discord, and discover your domestic dream. As you arrive for your property viewing, you are invited to listen to stories of comfort, home, privacy and capital gain. Some doors are open to you, but others are not. In the House of Discord you will face the invisible force of the housing market, personal preference and intimate stories of access, privilege and precarity. Walk through the doors of Discord and consider what sort of future you really want. We’re all in the housing game, but who is in control?


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Discord is part of Paths to Utopia Exhibition

23 August - 2nd October

#Utopia 2016

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Invest Today

We are pleased to announce three diverse but equally charming properties for your consideration. Filled with effortless charm, each property provides excellent investment opportunities for first time buyers, multi property landlords or those interested in buy to let. Whatever your preferred tenure, you won’t be disappointed.

Invest today, and reap the return tomorrow. During your visit you will get to know more than your neighbours. As we welcome you in, you will encounter the pleasures and plights of the free market, and discover who is really shaping your dreams. The fruit is ripe for the picking, and if you can afford the dream, the nightmare is all yours.


For a prompt and informal discussion please email: house of discord


Alternatively you can call the office between midnight and 1am.

Your Viewing

Viewings are by appointment only.

We operate on a strictly first come first serve basis.

The properties are open between the 23rd August - 2nd October between Wednesday and Sunday at Somerset House. We operate hourly viewings between 10am - 5pm, and viewings last for approximately 45 minutes.


Book your preferred viewing slot here, and arrive promptly.  Viewings will take place with up to 3 other prospective home buyers.


During the viewing, you will need to be willing to coordinate with your competitors. Keys will be swapped, small spaces negotiated and high stress scenarios endured. The choice is yours, but not all decisions are yours to take.  Doors will be open for some, but not for others.

Be Realistic

Fortune favours the bold, but there is a world of difference between an optimist and a realist. Assess your assets, and earning potential. Check yourself, and before you come, your credit rating. What is your status? Are you prime mortgage material, or the squeezed middle. No fear, working for your assets you’ll have it. Fifteen hours a day, you’ll make it.


Step through the doors of Discord and consider what sort of future you really want.


#Utopia 2016

Caitlin Shepherd // James Wood // Victoria Johnson // Tabitha Pope // Typesun // Dan Halahan // Elise Plans // Matthias Kispert // Tarim

Commissioned by King’s College London

Part of Paths to Utopia Exhibition

Funded by the Arts Council

Sponsored by Sanderson

Sponsored by MiniRig SoundSystem

Supported by DCRC, 3D3 UWE

Supported by Sound and Music

Supported by Naked Flooring


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